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These video interviews are of people living very successful location-free lifestyles of various flavors. Most people will never attain a level of success with affiliate marketing or the like to support location free living like many sites would have you believe. However, there are a LOT of ways to craft a location free lifestyle, as is proven by the many paths represented here.

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Recent blog posts

luke-brown-tnRenowned artist Luke Brown talks to us about his art, his art process, location independent lifestyle, the Grateful Dead, the dreamtime, life in and as a hologram, the imaginatrix, the relationship between our inner thoughts and our outer experiences, and much more.

Luke: My name is Luke Brown. I'm here in Bali, this has been my annual base for the past, almost 10 years now. Started out being here just a few months out of the year and every year it's extending more and more time here. It’s been a little more like home than anywhere else because this is where most of my stuff is. But I’ve been dividing my time too in having a grounded place to be able to do my work, work on my paintings, work on my sculptures, jewelry. Pretty much any medium I can get my hands on which Bali is so accommodating for. And yeah, it’s been the place where I’ve been able to have the kind of lifestyle that allows me to focus on the obsessively compulsive detail I like to put into my work. And then, have the rest of the year being simply nomadic and be able to take this around the world and have it bringing me out into the world. Be able to do exhibitions and be a part of festival environments and so, yeah.

Bram: So the art pretty much, I would imagine, influences your choices in terms of travel, world travel and your migratory patterns.

cedar-video-tnWe interview Jason about his collaborations with Random Rab, performing at festivals worldwide, his music, Chinese medicine practice, personal philosophy, location independence and much more.

Transcript coming soon:

Contact: Jade Mountain Medicine

kat-dawes-tnProlific artist and dynamic promoter of the Powerful Present Moment, Kat Dawes, creator of NOWism, takes a stand on behalf of the NOW. Implementing an iconic, global Consciousness Campaign humorously highlighting the need for an upgrade in the Quality Control Department… of our thoughts.

Bringing the future into the present moment Kat reminds us that global transformation takes place through individuals. With sharp wit and rhythmic grace, she is a funky messenger on a profound and entertaining quest to Save the NOW!

Kat: My name is Kat Dawes. I’m the universal promoter of the Present Moment. My brand is called Nowism. My created mission in this life has been to promote the present moment and to encourage myself ultimately to consciously participate in my own evolution. And from that space, I’ve become like a distribution center of that divine message.

Bram: How long have you been doing this in its current or similar form?

Kat: I wanted to say now but I understand your question. It must be about five years. I’m thinking five years. Yeah, it was born from a painting that I was painting. It was like a contemporary sort of meditation man Buddha type, sitting in meditation. And it was very asexual. And as I finished this beautiful little drawing, I thought this person is practicing Nowism. That was when my stars aligned, angels sang, and I thought, yeah, it’s really great work.

Bram: What is the flow of your travel? Do you pretty much stay here (Bali) most of the time or are you traveling around the world?

Kat: Yeah. Wherever the wind blows. I have discovered that the idea of travel is anchored in expansion, and the more I travel, the more I expand my own awareness. I love being enriched by the interactions that happen abroad. I don’t have insecurity about that. I think there’s a culture in the west around travel that it takes a lot of preparation and a lot of decision. It’s like a serious thing to travel. And for me, I can decide to pick up and move overnight. It’s not really a drama. And I’ve discovered that home is where the Now is, and so from that space, yeah, there’s nothing quite as delicious as the adventure just now, going now. 

Bram: Tell us about some of the places you’ve been over the last few years. interviews Jester about the worldwide Feather Tribe, following your excitement as a way of life, Bashar, Law of Attraction, the location independent lifestyle, and much more.

Jester: Hi, my name’s Jester. Though my real name’s Justin, not many people actually know that. But Jester’s a chosen name that I was given by my friends back in high school. And what is it that I do? Well I do a lot of things but I suppose that the real question is how do I do it. And whatever I do, I do with passion which might change from moment to moment, season to season, location to location. Right now what I’m doing is developing a tribe, developing a brand, developing jewelry, feather jewelry made out of all different materials. And kind of giving, breathing life into that idea that was kind of inspired six months ago actually. So yeah that’s my main point of focus at the moment.

Bram So you’ve only been doing that for about six months?

Jester: Uh-huh.

Bram I know you started here and then you left for a while, and went to a couple of other places. You’re bringing it with you? You’re spreading the message in that way?

Jester: Yeah it’s great! It’s nice and affordable. And I went to England for the last four months and did the summer festival season there. So it was great. I work for an amazing company called Fairy Love and who’ve been a massive inspiration in my life because they embody all these amazing things that I hold true like so much joy, so much love, so much freedom of expression. So when I go and play with them, work with them, be with them, it matches everything that I want to do. And so yeah they had a vehicle of having a festival stall at lots of different festivals over three, for a four-month period. And I kind of jumped aboard with them and they were gracious enough to let me put my feathers on the stall and kind of express that as well. So I’m really grateful for that.

Bram Good deal. Tell us a little bit about what the flow of your travels have been like over the last several months to several years.

gypsy-vidtnWe caught up with Gypsy at her nicely appointed place just outside of Ubud, Bali. She talked with us about how important travel and location independence are to her; her travels to Central America, Europe and Southeast Asia, how Burning Man festival changed her life, her dance and yoga practice and instruction both in private lessons and at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, why smiling and fearlessness are essential, and a whole lot more. 

Gypsy: My name is Gypsy, and that name alone is a nomadic name. It was not the name that I was born with but I have been using it as my nickname for more than half my life. So about the time I turned eighteen, I was performing, I was dancing, I was always very colorful and enjoying being a free spirit and connecting with community. The name Gypsy was inspiration for me because it allowed me to step into that energy and it’s kind of taken now me to all these places in my life where I have been quite a bit of a Gypsy in a positive way, associating that with that I love to travel. I don’t really stay in one place too long. And as soon as I feel that stagnation of comfort zone or I’ve learned a certain place or certain language because I’ve lived in Central America, I’ve lived in Europe for many years. And now I’m living here in Southeast Asia. And so I really enjoy traveling and I think my name kind of took me into that realm even more so. What I do besides dancing and performing is all things that are associated with the body being a vehicle for expression, whether it’s performing, whether it is praying. I teach yoga. I teach Pilates. I teach dance. I teach meditation. I learn those things as well and kind of continue to expand and grow and take myself to the place where I’m being moved. And in that movement with spirit that is consciousness, a breath of life that helps me to feel free and that connection to the universal freedom that we all share and that we all desire I think innately as human beings. 

Bram: So how long have you been in Southeast Asia? What has the flow of your travel been like over the last several years?

Tagged in: Bali Dance Performers Yoga interviews Lenna Nakauchi about hoop dancing, running a successful online business, world travel, Burning Man, the location independent lifestyle, and much more.

Lenna: My name is Lenna Nakauchi. And this is my second year in Bali and what I’m focusing on this year is my performance arts, and that being hoop dance, fire dance, poi, little bit of belly dance and some other prop dancing or prop spinning. So I’m working on performing here in Ubud and throughout Bali and eventually creating a website and creating some demo videos and creating arts and being an artist. That’s what I’m focusing on this year is inspiring others with my art and I also manage and run a online business, and it’s called 3DayCleanse and it’s a whole body cleanse that is distributed throughout the United States and in Canada and we also ship all over the world. So I run that online business and I have an amazing life here in Ubud and I cultivate my performance arts right now.

Bram: I remember hearing that you took off from Ubud and went to Burning Man this year. Tell us a little bit about that experience.

Lenna: Burning Man was an amazing, life-changing experience for me. It was my first year and it was amazing because I was connected with a man who runs a camp called Heart Tribe and it was a perfect fit for the Ubud tribe vibe here. So a bunch of Ubudians joined that camp and it was a really nice vibrational match to the community. It was a community field. The feel was really high vibe. There was a nice community space where everyone would chat and and talk and give massages, body work, and energy work. And it was a really nice base to go out and explore all of the art and have amazing random conversations with people. And I did a lot of exploring on my own just checking out the art all over the playa and checking out the different camps and, yeah, talking with people from all over the world also at Burning Man for maybe the first time or maybe the 10th time.

Bram: And how was the contrast going from the lush tropics of Ubud to the playa?

Lenna: It was definitely a contrast. It was not humid. It was more of a dry heat and during the day I would say I was kind of used to being hot and sweating but at nighttime it got really cold. So that was a bit of a contrast. And it was funny because in terms of dressing up, I felt like I kind of wore what I usually wear, maybe just a little bit more sparkle but pretty much my normal clothes that was kind of funny for me. And riding a bike was really nice because I don’t really ride a bike here in Ubud. And it’s just having that freedom to wander around really slowly was wonderful and not having cars and dogs everywhere was wonderful.

Bram: Yeah that would be quite a big contrast. Riding a bike in Bali, you take your life in your hands. 

tyr-tnWe interview Tyr Throne on his world travels, his healing modality Somalogy, his experiences as a ballet dancer, living and working in Bali, and much more.

We apologize for the audio quality in places in this otherwise excellent video. The insects must have been having a festival that afternoon and it sounded like loud whistles being blown throughout the interview. We did our best to ameliorate this sound and as a result there are some issues that are less than ideal. Thanks for understanding.

Tyr: Hello my name is Tyr Throne and I’m the founder of Somalogy. And for many years I felt like a conscious nomad. I almost died. If you’re ever flying and like a week after flying, you feel a weird pain in your leg or have trouble breathing, please go to the hospital. I had like blood clots and I was trying to meditate it away, and luckily my assistant in Germany is a medical doctor and she said, “Go to the hospital now.” When I was recovering, I realized I just didn’t need to live in New York anymore. I mean New York is a really great place and it’s kind of like the joke of you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. It’s kind of like squeezes you and forms you like a diamond. But then I just realized I really wanted to travel and teach, and so I’ve been teaching the Somalogy work which is very good for back and neck problems and posture and more flexibility in many places, North Carolina, South Carolina, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Thailand.

And now I’m kind of based in Bali and then traveling around and teaching. It’s just really, really wonderful. One of my favorite quotes and kind of my motto is live light, travel light, spread the light and be the light by Yogi Bhajan.

saida-tn-300I am Saida Desilets. I’m the founder of the Succulence Revolution and the author of a book called The Emergence of the Sensual Woman. And what I get to do, my privilege on this planet, is to share my passion and my love, that we can actually self-actualize through our body. And specifically I work with women, with their bodies, with their hearts, with their spirits. How we can fully access our genes through all parts of our body. 

Bram: And give us an idea of your flow in terms of travel. I know you take this offering all over the world.

Saida: So this year alone I’ve been in Asia. I’ve been in the Caribbean, Canada, the US, South Africa, back to Asia and Europe as well, and Australia. So I’ve been everywhere. And so, what’s amazing about what I’m doing because I’m working with women is what’s remarkable globally there’s a need for the message that I have. And so I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to go into communities and meet the different kinds of women. But the core needs are the same. They want to know who they are, how to better live in this world, and how to have a little bit more self-freedom and self-expression.

Bram: And how long have you been doing this in its current or similar form?

Saida: I’ve been working this way and travelling since the—I’d say 2001 is where I really officially launched. I was being more non-official things before then. But as an official business in 2001.

Bram: And what are some of the things you find attractive about the mobile lifestyle?

sol-sebastian-tn-300My name is Sol Sebastian. I’m the founder of a program called The Alchemy of Man which is a man’s work and it covers a wide range of things but especially in relation to hormonal health, sexual health, relational health and just being a man, being a dude in this world trying to live at his best. And my work takes me to very many parts of the world and I travel and have traveled for quite extensively for the past, well since the mid-90s.

But especially the past decade or so I’ve been quite traveling a lot and since meeting my partner, my partner in crime and my wife, Saida Desilets who does work with women, we’ve been sort of on the road for many years and really consider the world our own that it’s hard to sort of pinpoint one particular place that is home for us. So the idea of conscious nomads is something quite close to my heart as well as my wife’s heart because we are quite nomadic in the true sense of the word. And yes so I have to love to share all that. 

Bram: Can you give us an idea of what your travel’s been like over the last several months or longer? Where have you been? What you have been doing?

Sol: Last several months we’ve been in Bali which is where we back to here. But in the past few months we’ve been in South Africa in the middle of the some of the most game-rich, some of the most predator-rich game reserves in Africa. Hanging out with lions and hyenas and elephants like very, very close, you know, this same distance from you to the camera in fact, and been really loving that. That was amazing experience. We’ve also been in Amsterdam where we spent two months putting together some online content.

Part of our work has an online component so we spent quite some time in Amsterdam where the Internet was good. We managed to put together quite an extensive program. We’ve been… Mostly throughout been a little bit more settled this year in terms of what we used to. We used to travel very rapidly. My partner has been in many more places this season. She’s been in Australia, in Canada and the Europe. I mean it’s a little hard to track actually where we have been this year. But I think the highlight for us was South Africa for sure. That was one place who really stood out for us this year.

Bram: Did you become mobile is a necessity for this business or this type of business or regarding your business around being mobile?

Sol: The business was planned around being mobile because we’re both [0:03:17.0 inaudible] at heart. And we always love to travel and it’s something I think I really love about being with my partner because we both have this passion to be mobile to see as much, to really eat in as much of this world as we can. And we have no children. We’re sort of pretty footloose and fancy free in that aspect and so we’ve really made the most of that. And we have an appetite, let’s say, we have a very big appetite to see as much on this planet extremely possible.

Bram: And what are some of the things you find attractive about this kind of lifestyle?

sol-saida-tnTranscript coming soon!

Saida's site:

Sol's site:

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