Interviews with Conscious Nomads

These video interviews are of people living very successful location-free lifestyles of various flavors. Most people will never attain a level of success with affiliate marketing or the like to support location free living like many sites would have you believe. However, there are a LOT of ways to craft a location free lifestyle, as is proven by the many paths represented here.

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Recent blog posts

mikael-vidtnMikael King talks to us about his travels to Bali, Peru, Bolivia (Including some extraterrestrial encounters at Lake Titicaca), expanded consciousness, Mu energy, the hologram, breath work, and much more. We appologize for some minor issues with the video. It looks like autofocus was causing some small blips occasionally... I choose to think of it as adjustments to the hologram.

Mikael: Aloha! My name is Mikael King and I am a conscious nomad. I love it. I love the whole concept. I run a’s my global ministry called and I also offer, especially in the last—it’s been about ten years now—a transformation effort called BreathLIGHT Bliss. I also lead all kinds of different ceremonies, retreats, seminars, and trainings through both and as well as I’m a documentary filmmaker. I just released a film called New Earth Destiny about the Russian Eco-Village Movement, Anastasia movement, that’s happening all across Russia as well as all around the world at this point. And I also just recently started a new company in which I am co—creating new Mu Star jewelry. So it’s called Mu Star Designs and that’s happening here in Ubud, Bali. 

Bram: Alright! Can you give us an idea of what the flow of your travel is like maybe over the last few years now?

shay-hughes-tn-300Bram: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do as it applies to our theme of the Conscious Nomadic Lifestyle?

Shay: Hello. My name is Shalena Hughes, also known to my community and to many others as Shay Butta. And I have a brand that I work with called the Yum Sauce Lounge. I am the founder and sauceteer along with many other lovely people called the Angels of Yum. And we are of service. It's a platform for visionary, cultural, healing, arts, etcetera to activate and stimulate and inspire a higher quality of life in the best ways that we possibly can.

Bram: Sounds great! How long have you been doing this in its current or a similar form?

Shay: The Yum Sauce started in 2008. And it's now 2013 so we've been going [for a while]… We started very intimate in my living room, in my home when I was living in Hollywood when I still had my home. And since then I've been able to travel the world in various spots and throughout the West coast bringing different aspects of the Yum to everyone. It’s a lot of fun.

Bram: Tell us about some of the favorite places or events to which you have traveled.

forest-location-independent-tnForest: Hi, my name is Forest Schrodt and I have a company called Liquid Fire Mantra, a ritual firedance performance group and visionary jewelry company. I’ve been doing the nomadic lifestyle since 1996 and I guess that’s sixteen years or eighteen years, something like that. I’ve been doing the gypsy and nomadic lifestyle for a very long time, travelling up and down primarily the West Coast United States going to music festivals, vending my designs that I have produced in Bali, and also doing performance art. And I’ve been on this alternative path for quite some time, and it’s been great to explore and see a lot of places and meet a lot of interesting people and a lot of creative inspiration constantly coming through.

The trade-off is the challenge of finding a healthy biorhythm with not necessarily having like a home for a long period of time where you can kind of drop in with the community and have like build on a rhythmical cycle. But it has a larger biorhythm of this cycle, yearly cycle of going to one place to the next and having communities there that have been developed for many years. So there’s always this kind of like balancing of more traditional way of living and living in one area and having a house, having a biorhythm, getting up at the same time, going to sleep at the same time generally as opposed to having the freedom in the nomadic lifestyle of not having to pay large amounts of money on rent, but also not having a necessarily this defined biorhythm which, for me, as I’ve gone older is probably the biggest challenge of maintaining a nomadic lifestyle.

Bram: Tell us about some of your favorite places or events to which you’ve traveled.

jemineye-tnWe interview JemInEye about her location free lifestyle and her travels to (and sound healing performances at) transformational music festivals, her long time career as a hair designer, her poetry/music projects, art, crafts and much more.

JemInEye: Hi. I’m JemInEye and I work as a hairstylist. I’ve been doing that for 20 years now, that’s my main career. But I’m lucky enough that I only have to work three days a week, so that leaves me four days free a week. And in my other time, I have an accessories business called JemInEye Designs, I also write poetry under JemInEye Incantations and do sound healing performance with JemInEye Incantations.

Bram: Can you tell us a little bit about what the flow of your travel has been like over the last year or so? You attend a lot of festivals and parties and things like that?

JemInEye: Well, I’ve stayed here in the United States this year and have been traveling the west coast of California as well as I went to Nevada for Burning Man. So mostly I traveled between May and September of this year. Going to various different festivals, I was fortunate enough to get to offer sound healing ceremonies.

Bram: How many festivals on average might you attend in a year?

JemInEye: Probably around six outdoor festivals as well as I go to many different events and parties and things as well.

Bram: Yeah, the community seems to be very active in terms of coming up with yummy [events]...


shivoso tnWe interview Shivoso about relationships, intimacy, polyamory, monogamy, tantra, sacred sexuality, life on the road and more.



tom-tn-300We interview Tom Desiderio about his time in Bali, his emerging art, and what motivates him to stay on the edge of life's experiences.

judy-chapman-tnJudy: My name is Judy Chapman. I am an author of five books. I work in the global spa industry and I don’t have an office. I have pop-up offices, working cafes around the world and hotel rooms. And I’m really comfortable with that and that’s the way I like to work. I’m not really into the office nine-to-five thing which is probably what motivated me, a big motivation, to work in the spa industry. And travel as a writer probably stems from that, because about 10 years ago I was working in Sydney for an environmental organization and catching the subway to work and I was like I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to be on the train for two hours a day. I need to find a way to live where I feel more free and inspired and productive because I don’t like wasting time. So I definitely support the conscious nomadic movement. 

Bram: So in terms of the spa industry, what is it that you have done? What is it that you’re doing?

Judy: I started in the spa industry when I was 23 and my fiancé and I created a spa brand. And we set up spas in Australia. And I did that for seven years and then went—and then in 1998, I published my first spa book. And from there everything really accelerated. And I was offered a job and became editor-in-chief for Spa Asian magazine and was located in Singapore for three years. My job was just traveling the world doing reports on spas and reviews. So that was amazing, a dream job. And I published four books on spas including a coffee table book where I spent two years on and off traveling throughout Southeast Asia with a photographer. Just exploring the history of ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine and yoga and how all of that transports into spa treatments today because spa is actually quite a meaningful and interesting… It’s not just about pampering and luxury. There’s a lot of health and wellness ancient rituals and a lot behind spa treatments you experience in hotels and spas. And what else? Then five years ago, I came to do a story on a hotel because I was writing for various magazines by then. I know the hotel is like they hadn’t developed their spa yet and they said, “We’re looking for someone to develop a spa concept” and I said, “I’ll find you some people.” And I suggested a whole lot and then about six months later, I ran into them again and I said so how did it go with the spa and they’re like, “We’re waiting for you to come and do it.” I’m like “I’m not doing it” because I’d already made a decision that I’ll never work for anyone again in my mind. It’s like, that’s no more. And somehow they wrote me into doing it for three months’ trial and it’s been five years now. So the last five years I’ve set up 20 spas around the world, in the Middle East, Norway, Australia, India, Thailand, Bali. And from the beginning I sort of create the concept, work with architects, interior designers, creating treatments, retail, everything. The look and feel and design and also learning the business side of spas which was a big challenge but the makers are more right-winged person eand so it’s been an amazing journey to learn how to do budgets and profit and loss and now I’m really good at that. So I can do both the creative and the business side and I feel it’s quite a holistic way for me to operate now to understand both sides of the business.

Bram: Nice! Can you give us an idea of what the flow of your travel has been like over the last year or so?

Judy: Yeah I think—gosh. Sometimes I’m on the plane every two weeks and sometimes I have like a three-month stay where I might go to the Europe like this year I was in Europe okay for the last 12 months. I’ve been to India. I go to India once a year for a month. And I’ve set up a spa in Australia. And the last year, I’ve been to Dubai twice, this year. Norway because we’re opening a spa in a ski lodge in Norway. And Germany because we’ve opened a spa in the Bavarian mountains. So yeah I’ve done a lot of traveling. Yeah. I love it. I love traveling. 

Bram: What are some of the things you find attractive about that lifestyle?

shamir-tnShamir: Hello everybody. My name is Shamir. I am Indian, or, my parents are Indian. They went for history of leaving the country of their ancestors. I was born in Singapore and raised in Austria. So kind of my family background has been nomadic to some extent already. I was raised in Austria. Enjoyed a beautiful time there. At some point when I was 18, I felt like the calling to leave Austria and travel the world. But at that time it didn’t happen at all. I had family ties and other ties pulling me back and had to release certain structures within myself, certain karmic structures, ancestral structures, that’s what it feels to me. And then at some I felt pretty settled in Austria. And felt wow I’m going to live my next 20, 30 years, live my life there. But then suddenly I traveled on a holiday to Bali. And Bali just grabbed me and it didn’t let me go for a while. It invited me actually and I came here, left everything in Austria because I felt very much at home here and felt that what I offering to the world will be very well-received here and that’s how it turned out. So I’m here now and sharing my offerings, my service, and my gifts supporting people in their healing journeys. So what else I had to do in Austria was to study some of these healing modalities. I studied physiotherapy. After that I studied different physical energetic healing modalities. There comes a time where I actually wanted to leave Austria. A holistic approach to life became my goal, my dedication. And since then I’ve been researching on that, evolving, experimenting, being challenged. Life has been unfolding in a lot of difficult situations as well, a lot of beautiful situations and right now I feel very blessed to feel aligned with my inner truth, my inner wisdom and really align with what I’m here to share with the world with my offerings. I’m very grateful for that. 

Bram: And how long ago was it when you first came to Bali?

hal-digital-nomadHal: My name is Hal Lucius Nation. And I am the Grand Hierophant and Chief Officiant of the Temple of Awakening Divinity. The Temple of Awakening Divinity is a syncretic, entheogenic church that travels around to various locations throughout the United States to offer a Eucharistic celebration of entheogenic spirituality.

Bram: Sounds great. Give us an idea of what the flow of your travel is like.

Hal: Well, I do quite a bit of driving and a little bit of flying to remote locations throughout the United States. I travel pretty frequently, at least once a month, visiting major population centers around the United States. I also go out to numerous festival locations where I participate in community and host celebrations and circles.

Bram: And how long have you been doing this in its current or in a similar form?

Hal: The Temple of Awakening Divinity was founded in December of 2007 and really started working on the road in September of 2008 after really beginning our first series of circles at the Burning Man Festival in 2008. And we visited the Burning Man Festival on several occasions, number of other festivals around the West Coast of the United States. And currently, I am continuing to travel throughout the United States on a monthly basis.

Bram: What are some of the things you'd find attractive about the mobile lifestyle?

james-oroc-tryptomineJames: My name is James Oroc. I’m originally from New Zealand. I’m an author and photographer, journalist, and art-car builder. And I have spent more than 25 years travelling the world pursuing extreme sports such as paragliding, skiing, mountain biking, kite surfing, things like that. And the last few years I’ve been travelling, lecturing about my book, Tryptomine Palace, which I wrote which is about the rate entheogen 5-MeO-DMT and that’s also given me—allowed me to investigate a number of shamanic cultures around the planet. So most of my planet has been a mixture of either curiosity or journalism or self-study, I guess you’d call it.

Bram: Did you become mobile as a necessity for your business lifestyle or did you plan your business around your desire to be mobile?

A New Territory Is Emerging...

It extends beyond the borders of all nation-states, far beyond the historical boundaries previously drawn and protected.


The edges of this new territory are expanding exponentially in all directions, both within and without.

It is a virtual territory formed and inhabited by conscious individuals who are becoming location independent and free from the limitations of place... and we have labeled it the Conscious Nomads Matrix.

The Conscious Nomads Matrix is the all-encompassing unified energetic field created by all of us who are consciously connecting, creating, collaborating, sharing, loving, and envisioning a new way of being, while traveling the world or otherwise living from a location independent awareness.


blue-bar-135x10Conscious: Introspective and curious to explore our fundamental nature, essence and purpose

Nomads: Embracing location independence as a lifestyle

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What is the Matrix? 

As I've traveled to transformational music festivals (transitory towns), and to pockets of consciousness around the world, I've noticed that many of the people I am interacting with have a noticeably different quality about them.  

As I observed this over time, as people came and went, an understanding crystalized for me that we Conscious Nomads are creating a new virtual territory (an energetic field, a collective, a matrix, a hologram) that extends beyond nation-state borders and historically accepted boundaries, and encompasses the entire planet.