Interviews with Conscious Nomads

These video interviews are of people living very successful location-free lifestyles of various flavors. Most people will never attain a level of success with affiliate marketing or the like to support location free living like many sites would have you believe. However, there are a LOT of ways to craft a location free lifestyle, as is proven by the many paths represented here.

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cedar-video-tnWe interview Jason about his collaborations with Random Rab, performing at festivals worldwide, his music, Chinese medicine practice, personal philosophy, location independence and much more.

Transcript coming soon:

Contact: Jade Mountain Medicine

shay-hughes-tn-300Bram: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do as it applies to our theme of the Conscious Nomadic Lifestyle?

Shay: Hello. My name is Shalena Hughes, also known to my community and to many others as Shay Butta. And I have a brand that I work with called the Yum Sauce Lounge. I am the founder and sauceteer along with many other lovely people called the Angels of Yum. And we are of service. It's a platform for visionary, cultural, healing, arts, etcetera to activate and stimulate and inspire a higher quality of life in the best ways that we possibly can.

Bram: Sounds great! How long have you been doing this in its current or a similar form?

Shay: The Yum Sauce started in 2008. And it's now 2013 so we've been going [for a while]… We started very intimate in my living room, in my home when I was living in Hollywood when I still had my home. And since then I've been able to travel the world in various spots and throughout the West coast bringing different aspects of the Yum to everyone. It’s a lot of fun.

Bram: Tell us about some of the favorite places or events to which you have traveled.

jemineye-tnWe interview JemInEye about her location free lifestyle and her travels to (and sound healing performances at) transformational music festivals, her long time career as a hair designer, her poetry/music projects, art, crafts and much more.

JemInEye: Hi. I’m JemInEye and I work as a hairstylist. I’ve been doing that for 20 years now, that’s my main career. But I’m lucky enough that I only have to work three days a week, so that leaves me four days free a week. And in my other time, I have an accessories business called JemInEye Designs, I also write poetry under JemInEye Incantations and do sound healing performance with JemInEye Incantations.

Bram: Can you tell us a little bit about what the flow of your travel has been like over the last year or so? You attend a lot of festivals and parties and things like that?

JemInEye: Well, I’ve stayed here in the United States this year and have been traveling the west coast of California as well as I went to Nevada for Burning Man. So mostly I traveled between May and September of this year. Going to various different festivals, I was fortunate enough to get to offer sound healing ceremonies.

Bram: How many festivals on average might you attend in a year?

JemInEye: Probably around six outdoor festivals as well as I go to many different events and parties and things as well.

Bram: Yeah, the community seems to be very active in terms of coming up with yummy [events]...


A New Territory Is Emerging...

It extends beyond the borders of all nation-states, far beyond the historical boundaries previously drawn and protected.


The edges of this new territory are expanding exponentially in all directions, both within and without.

It is a virtual territory formed and inhabited by conscious individuals who are becoming location independent and free from the limitations of place... and we have labeled it the Conscious Nomads Matrix.

The Conscious Nomads Matrix is the all-encompassing unified energetic field created by all of us who are consciously connecting, creating, collaborating, sharing, loving, and envisioning a new way of being, while traveling the world or otherwise living from a location independent awareness.


blue-bar-135x10Conscious: Introspective and curious to explore our fundamental nature, essence and purpose

Nomads: Embracing location independence as a lifestyle

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What is This? is a resource for anyone who is attracted to the location independent lifestyle. From Music Festival goers to world travelers, if you want to expand your circle of friends; knowledge of places, people and things; and increase the potential for income you can earn from anywhere in the world, then this is a stellar resource for you.

What is the Matrix? 

As I've traveled to transformational music festivals (transitory towns), and to pockets of consciousness around the world, I've noticed that many of the people I am interacting with have a noticeably different quality about them.  

As I observed this over time, as people came and went, an understanding crystalized for me that we Conscious Nomads are creating a new virtual territory (an energetic field, a collective, a matrix, a hologram) that extends beyond nation-state borders and historically accepted boundaries, and encompasses the entire planet.