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These video interviews are of people living very successful location-free lifestyles of various flavors. Most people will never attain a level of success with affiliate marketing or the like to support location free living like many sites would have you believe. However, there are a LOT of ways to craft a location free lifestyle, as is proven by the many paths represented here.

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Jester Fairian talks about the Feather Tribe, following your excitement as a path, and more

Posted by on in Jewelry & Clothing
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  • Print interviews Jester about the worldwide Feather Tribe, following your excitement as a way of life, Bashar, Law of Attraction, the location independent lifestyle, and much more.

Jester: Hi, my name’s Jester. Though my real name’s Justin, not many people actually know that. But Jester’s a chosen name that I was given by my friends back in high school. And what is it that I do? Well I do a lot of things but I suppose that the real question is how do I do it. And whatever I do, I do with passion which might change from moment to moment, season to season, location to location. Right now what I’m doing is developing a tribe, developing a brand, developing jewelry, feather jewelry made out of all different materials. And kind of giving, breathing life into that idea that was kind of inspired six months ago actually. So yeah that’s my main point of focus at the moment.

Bram So you’ve only been doing that for about six months?

Jester: Uh-huh.

Bram I know you started here and then you left for a while, and went to a couple of other places. You’re bringing it with you? You’re spreading the message in that way?

Jester: Yeah it’s great! It’s nice and affordable. And I went to England for the last four months and did the summer festival season there. So it was great. I work for an amazing company called Fairy Love and who’ve been a massive inspiration in my life because they embody all these amazing things that I hold true like so much joy, so much love, so much freedom of expression. So when I go and play with them, work with them, be with them, it matches everything that I want to do. And so yeah they had a vehicle of having a festival stall at lots of different festivals over three, for a four-month period. And I kind of jumped aboard with them and they were gracious enough to let me put my feathers on the stall and kind of express that as well. So I’m really grateful for that.

Bram Good deal. Tell us a little bit about what the flow of your travels have been like over the last several months to several years.

Jester: Wow. It’s taught me so much about flow, that flow and that inspiration, and about how I’m really spiritual okay. Like I’ve been taught these spiritual concepts by these modern kind of gurus, I suppose. And one of the core fundamentals about it is about your higher self. Like that there’s more to you than this physical self, right? And it’s like okay so I’m kind of understanding this as a concept that I’m here and I’m part of this greater soul and that there’s this higher self to me. And I didn’t quite understand that so much as now that I’ve been traveling for so long. Like this is my second journey. I went for a year back in 2010 and now this is like a year and half, this travel. And it’s kind of like everywhere I go I got this buddy with me, he’s my higher self, and he leads me around. Leads me to the best spots with the best connections, the best opportunities and it’s kind of like a very distinctive difference between my mind or this physical self that I feel like I’m in control of, and then I think I’m so wise in making all my decisions and stuff like that. But I’m proven so many times like over and over again that I got no idea and that this higher self of mine really does have an amazing idea of what to do. And it’s been a real constant theme of kind of like getting this inspiration, getting this inspiration and so I had these plans. I had some plans. I’m going to go to this country and I’m going to go to that country.

Like I thought that I was going to be in South America, for example. And I was going to this festival and everything. And then I met some influential people, a big one was Shiva Rajaya from He will be interviewed when he comes back. He’s a master at this stuff. And was inspired by him and he’s like “No, the flow’s going to Bali. Can’t you feel it? Can’t you feel it? The flow’s going to Bali.” And I go, “Yes it is. You’re dead set right. You’re right.” And it’s been the following of these inspirations and it's kind of taking it down to the moment now like I’m very reluctant to make too many plans in the future anymore because I’m mostly wrong. You know, be humble about it. I mostly get it wrong. Or not get it wrong that I end up in a bad situation but more that the inspirations that come in each moment are far more powerful and lead me so much quicker to where I actually want to be. And this it’s so empowering really because where I’m being led to with this stuff is really the best option.

It’s like it’s where the most flow is, it’s where the most synchronicity is, like where all the chance meetings aren’t chance meetings. They’re like proper like we’re meant to meet each other. Like they lead to the most exotic beautiful locations with the most connected people, where the most opportunities are like this is an amazing world that we live in and right now, I just, after this long of traveling, I just feel like a leaf on the cosmic breeze but where I really trust where the wind is blowing hey. And that I feel like it’s like this most amazing orchestrated journey that’s kind of planned for me but where I still get to be an active participant. Like I still have to be active, still have to be an active participant where I need to stay aware of the signals and signs, need to stay aware of my emotions and take note of what’s exciting is the main, main signal of a yes, what’s exciting. And then to also understand that thoughts or the seasons that could make that aren’t as exciting or downright upsetting and not the truth of the situation and to just take that as a no. And so it’s like having this, such a simple gauge. Is it exciting? Yes. How exciting is it? I’ve seen that it doesn’t have to be like Disneyland exciting all the time but just what’s—and this is the mantra. And this mantra comes from the Shah, the Shah who’s like top five if not top two my favorite spiritual teachers of all time. So the mantra is, what can you do right now. No, what is it? What’s the most exciting thing that you can take action on right now with the resources at hand? What’s the most exciting thing that you can take action on right now with the resources at hand? And so it might be Disneyland exciting. Yeah let’s go to Disneyland. Or it might just be going over here to the left is a little bit more exciting than to the right.

And like as a quick little story where I was really conscious about this because it’s something that I’ve had to cultivate, that I’ve had to practice to really listen. And like I was in this very neutral moment where I was waiting for someone to turn up in this location and they weren’t there yet. So I went kind of just like down the road and I was like alright, what do I want to do. Well I asked myself what’s the most exciting thing that I can take action on right now with the resources at hand. And I did a scan and there was a dude with like a little soup bike, the bakso bike. And I felt oh going over there is the most exciting thing right now. It’s just like a little bit exciting. So I went over there and I’m starting to kind of chatting to him as best he could understand and whatever. Got some soup. I’m having some soup. And then these two old ladies come past and I thought oh it’s kind of exciting to get more people in on this. I’m like “Hey, hey, hey, come and get some soup. I’ll pay for some soup. I’ll buy us some soup. Come and join me for some soup.” And so they’re just kind of like blown away, these two old Balinese ladies, and they’re just like oh… And they’re getting excited now. And so the bakso soup guy, because he’s made three sales of this one thing and then I’ve got like a little crew going on. And then along comes another old lady with a big pile of sticks on her head. And I’m like “Hey, hey, hey. Come over to the bakso. Hey tell her to come over for some bakso.” And so they get her over and then there’s three old ladies and myself and the bike guy, soup guy, all eating soup. And the energy’s starting to really rise. I’m like this is actually getting really fun Like all from this little moment. And then across the road there’s this old man and he’s kind of like looking at me and I didn’t know whether it was like with disgust or with intrigue because I had this top hat on with all these feathers coming out of the top. He was like, he’s looking at me like this and oh what’s going on mate. And then he starts going [chicken sounds]. He starts doing this chicken thing. [chicken sounds] So I go over there cracking up laughing at him and he grabs the hat off me, puts the hat on and starts doing this chicken walk and this [chicken sounds] around the driveway that we’re in. Everybody’s cracking up laughing. The old ladies, the three old ladies over there bursting out laughing. The bike guy’s bent over laughing. I’m cracking up. I’m filming this guy. Everybody’s laughing. Everybody’s eating soup and it was honestly one of like a local highlight of that time in Bali.

And I look back on it and I’m like that came from me following my inspiration to take action on the most exciting thing that I could do right that time and then following that path. And I really believe that the path is marked with these waypoints, with these signs, with these signals of excitement down to the smallest little parcel of now. Because this is what the Shah is saying. He’s saying that the small moments of now are a complete package, a complete deal to lead you to big exciting things. And so if there’s a big desire that you want met or a big thing in life that you’re calling in, that you’re working with, that it comes down to the decision of whether to have muesli or eggs for breakfast, or to leave now, or to take a shower, or to these mini-moments and agrees with the law of attraction as well which is another one of my big passions because it’s what kind of makes the universe tick. So you know law of attraction is saying that this universe is like a big photocopying machine and whatever you’re vibrating at right now, so whatever you’re, more importantly, feeling, because your feelings are your guide to what you’re vibing at. So however you’re feeling, whatever you’re vibing with, it’s just it’s going to be photocopied and you’re going to get a physical manifestation of that. So it makes perfect sense.

These two key teachings of law of attraction’s going to give you more of what you’re already being and that excitement is the path to everything that you want. Because if you’re making your decision based on your real actual excitement right now, you’re making the most fun of it. You’re making the most of this one moment. So law of attraction’s going to bring you another one and another one and another one and another one. So basically your whole life would end up being blissed out which is what I seem to be experiencing in very much so. And I feel really blessed by that, really blessed by that. And it’s like a deep blessing because it’s not I’ve been handed a silver spoon blessing. I’ve come from a past of where that wasn’t, where I was a really upset young teenager. I was sick. I was lonely. I was fucked up. And found these things, found these teachers and felt this excitement and naturally, I think we all naturally go towards exciting things yeah. And so went on this journey of just cleaning it up, cleaning it up, cleaning it up. Cleaning up my attitudes. Cleaning up my thought forms. Cleaning up my teachings, what I’ve been taught. Cleaning up my patterns. And kind of get in to this point now where I’m in my early 30s and feel like I don’t have to clean it up so much anymore. Life doesn’t chuck me these big wobblies so much anymore. Definitely there’s still challenges, absolutely. Absolutely still challenges, always growing, always will be. But yeah, sitting in this really blessed space right now in gorgeous Bali, with a pocket full of cash, with time up my sleeve, friends by my side, opportunities knocking, freedom at my feet, and ready for more.

Bram That’s interesting. My next question was going to be what about the location-independent or the mobile lifestyle do you find attractive or exciting? And as I was listening to you explain that it’s pretty clear that that question can go a number of different ways. Somebody might say I get to see all these amazing places. If I’m in Thailand, I get to go to Ko Samui. I get to go to the full moon party. I get to do all these things.

Jester: [laughs]

Bram Yeah me too. But really it’s more about I mean here you just explained something that popped up for you as a really amazing experience with the soup guy. And so when you’re following that excitement, that thread of excitement, it’s not necessarily the big panoramic photo opportunity. It’s just wherever you’re supposed to be in that moment.

Jester: Yeah. I’ve really enjoyed that. My eyes were opened up to it even more in the last six months because I was here in Bali. I was here for four months during Bali’s spirit fest at the time. And made all these amazing friends. I like met these, just connected people that I swear I’m going to be friends with for the rest of my life. And in this tropical, yoga, tantric, organic, coconut-y, everything Bali kind of bliss, alright. Bali bliss in a packet was what I was experiencing. And then I pick myself up, took myself to England. Totally different landscape, totally different culture, totally different food, totally different company. Still really, really good company though like best friends also. But basically look like a different planet. It was so different but I got to experience a whole different brand of bliss. It was the bliss isn’t location-based. Like it makes it much easier, yes in this lovely tropical weather and like there’s a beach next door and what-not. Like location does seem to add a lot to the ease of appreciation. But appreciation comes with you wherever it is, or wherever you are. Like every situation has got an opportunity for love or hate, for appreciation or being upset. And like because when I was in Bali last time, I was kind of like oh is this as good as it can get because it seems my life is constantly as the best I’ve ever experienced. And then I kind of left this whole location and went to another one, I’m like this is where it’s at. Right now, this is where it’s at and I didn’t want for anything, didn’t want for Bali, didn’t miss this because I was right there and I was where I was supposed to be and making the most of it right there because you’ve got the choice. You’ve got the choice how you feel in any moment. By the power of your thoughts and your focus, you can appreciate the money in your pocket, that you have money in your pocket or you can feel and think that you’re just going to lose that money in your pocket and never get it back. It’s just money in your pocket until you make a decision about it. Same with every area of your life.

Bram What are some of the most important skills or abilities that are enabling you to have such an epic location-independent life? I know you’ve mentioned following that thread of excitement and Abraham Hick’s material but in terms of just maybe inherent skills, talents, that which makes up you, what do you think?

Jester: Totally. Like in my experience for where I’m at, it had to be based on a strong physical foundation. Had to be organized with my flights, getting the right flights at the right time for the right price. Kind of keeping track of where my goods are at and stuff like that. Like if you’re going to be boosting from location to location, and parties and this and that, you got to know where your stuff is. I know exactly where my wallet, where my passport, where my phone, where my camera, where my laptop are at any moment. And kind of have like a routine to check in with myself all the time, where are these things. And that’s definitely been a real addition to my process because it can get wild out there hey. It can get really wild out there especially if you go to like full moon party, things get loose. Like your life can be turned upside-down if you lose your cards or if you lose your phone or you lose your contacts. It can turn fucking really bad. And I’ve had tastes of it. Don’t you worry.
So this long, with so much practice, I definitely have that grounding. And another one to even allow this inspiration to come through and be put to use, I’ve had to keep my body healthy. Again I’ve experienced all sides of it, getting too drunk or whatever and I’d wake up all hungover. I can’t go with the flow in that circumstance. It’s just I can’t take proper action. I can’t keep myself together. That’s when the threads start to bare and it’s also when like because again it’s Law of Attraction. Shit builds up. When things go bad, things get bad you know. Like just when things go good, things are good. When things go bad, things get bad. That’s when you will have an accident or where you will lose something or where you do get ripped off or whatever like that. So I’ve had to keep my body keeping out an eye on that to keep myself in a good state, a receptive state, in a capable state and in those times where I have ignored the signs and I have ignored the processes that’s where it’s going bad. And yeah, learnt a lot from that. Like it’s only really solidified my belief system because I know where that bad stuff came from as well. So yeah just being organized, knowing where my stuff is, keeping my body in good condition so I can take action where it’s needed, and intuition. Intuition is so paramount when you’re traveling, so paramount.

Like so many times like in India and here, as well, I think it’s cultural where they won’t tell you that they’re wrong or they don’t know. But I get like three people in the middle of Rajasthan telling me yes the thing that you need is down this road here and then you go that way. But then like this and so all this physical evidence for these people that are locals and stuff, you got to go that way and then this gut feeling is actually no, no. For whatever reason, they’re wrong. This has been leading me the whole way and I’m going to have to listen to this because when I’d stop listening to this, this is when it goes wrong. And so I go that way, then I think I’m right. And it’s just like, how is this. And it’s like if it happens once, it could be fluke. If it happens twice, it could just be getting lucky. But if it happens constantly where your intuition is correct, don’t stop listening to it and that is definitely been my experience where my intuition is correct. My mind, when I thought about something, they get wrong all the time. But my intuition, my heart, my gut feeling always right, always. So yeah definitely having a relationship with your own guidance system is really important, too.

Bram  I know you’ve been doing the feathers for about six months or so. Is it totally sustaining you? What activities that you’re doing on the road or elsewhere are helping to support this lifestyle?

Jester: Yeah the feathers have been doing really well actually. I’m not a good enough bookkeeper to really know how it’s all balancing out. I’m getting better with it. I know that my online sales were enough to fly me here and will be enough already to fly me home to Australia if I do wish. Because easily trackable because I spent everything on feathers, on stock really. And so everything coming in is new. So I know that. And then I don’t know. Opportunities are everywhere hey. Opportunities are everywhere. Like I feel really supported by the universe and by the people and like I just trust. I trust and so yeah I had that. And I was getting another bit of money online with another entrepreneur here in Bali who’s paid me some money for some services which was cool. Where I was staying in England, they needed my skills with the chainsaw. No one else could do it so I was getting paid for that and then that kind of—there was more work than I had time for for that extent. I think if you’ve got a skill and you can get it out there, you can get work with it or I wish I knew the Golden Equation for that but I seem to be getting looked after.

Bram I think somebody’s sitting in their home, whose got a desk job, they’re watching this interview, they’re going “Do I really have to have it all planned out, worked out and figured out and bookkeeping and have everything add up in order to do this?” And I think what I’m hearing is you have to trust and just get out there and the universe will support you.

Jester:    Just do it like okay I met a girl that’s now got her own fashion label and she sells on Etsy, which is a really good outlet for creative people. And she started off with $20 to her name, $20. She only told me this today. She started off with $20 and now like I don’t know her exact figures but we’re looking at her Etsy kind of back office and last week she had $700-something worth of orders and some extraordinary amount of orders that were yet to be filled like 400 orders that were in the process of getting made because she does tailored stuff. And just like and this is where she’s come and now she is traveling the world on this stuff because her stuff’s online like most of the successful travelers that I’ve met like I’ve asked everybody yet and most of their stuff’s online. So it’s either an online shop or like an online service like there’s lots of personal coaches and stuff like that. Lots of coaches that just keep traveling. They do Skype interviews and have e-books. Like you can produce an e-book like for nothing, literally for nothing and get it published on Kindle and iPad and all the rest of that and get it out there. Like look that shit up. So lots of online stuff, lots of coaching-type stuff.

And then Bali, if we’re talking specifically about Bali, or places like India or Thailand, for anyone in the west that doesn’t understand how things get made, it’s easy. It’s easy. Like it’s so easy. Like you just need to have an idea, have a design and then find yourself in one of these places and connected with the right people which again I think is really easy like my flow with it has been as simple as letting go. And if you find yourself in a community like you see here in Ubud, like people seem to want to help each other as well. Really easy to get hold of those contacts. And then you just you get it made, you get it made for this much and you sell it for however much like that everyone else does in the shop. And so if you want to take that line of approach, there’s just so many opportunities there.

Bram What advice would you give to someone wanting to follow in a similar path or say yourself that you’d been just a few years ago?

Jester: Go for it. Don’t hold back. Don’t be feared. Like I held back into like I had x amount of money until this was in place and that was in place and it worked for me. But what I realize now is that it’s really easy. You can do it a lot cheaper than you think. And there’s friends around every corner that will assist you. Opportunities around every corner. I’ve met a bucket-load of other people that have done it with so much less. Like so much less, basically everybody’s on so much less than I and then people that are so good at this that they just continue to travel for years on nothing, like literally nothing. Like I got this friend Dustin Kirshen who I met in Egypt and he was down to his last couple hundred bucks and so he was like really he was feeling the tightness, like he couldn’t do anything with that, like there’s hardly anything. And kind of like I believe that where there’s a question, you will be answered. Or where there’s a need, it’ll be filled. Where there’s a desire, what you desired, comes in, if you’re in the state of free-flow. And so what I saw was that that was happening for him was like he turned up at the hotel where we were all staying in Egypt and there’d be a friend there for him. They’d be like “Oh come share our room for free.” And then he’d just walk in to the buffet and just sit down with us and just eat the buffet and no one was any more the wiser and then like he caught the bus to where we were all going instead of hiring the four-wheel drive. And he’s continued to travel. He’s been in so many different places around the world since on this $100. So he would be really good to interview on this as well because he’s done it with literally like nothing. And I know he’s been diving. I know he’s been to these Asian locations. He’s back in the States and he’s been through Asia and like all of this other stuff like so inspiring.

And there’s so many more people like that that are like super-inspiring doing this with like none of that which is I think a lot of us are worried about. But you will be supported, one way or another you can do it. And I think it’s really good if you’re young as well, I would have done it. Another lifetime, I would have started way before my 30s because then I could comfortably go to the States and get a working visa and all the rest of that like I could actually live in these places and like do it properly. And that’s so —yeah. Travel is one of the best things that I think you can do in your life. So educational. I guess the university of life. You learn so much. A lot of people have reported going away for a year, going back to their hometown and they seemed to have aged 10 years with their knowledge and wisdom and skills than everyone else that’s just aged or evolved one year. It does. It teaches us so much.

Bram That kind of leads to my next question. I’ve kind of coined the phrase conscious nomads because in my travels, in being here which is kind of a nexus for travelers from all over the world, I’ve noticed kind of a different quality about people, conscious people who are traveling, people who recognize their tribe when they show up at a place like this. And I’m wondering if you feel there’s anything that this kind of lifestyle contributes significantly to the world at large, to how we interact with each other, to how we care for each other here at home and all over the world.

Jester: Definitely.

Bram What kind of benefit?

Jester: Definitely. What I’ve seen and my observations in this flow, with this tribe, with this group that I’ve found myself being part of is that we all seem to be carrying these gifts around the planet. Like these gifts of self, gifts of knowledge, and gifts of wisdom and truth that we all hold as these individuals, that we then take to these different countries all around the world. And there’s these definitely these nexus spots where we all seem to meet like from what I understand it’s kind of like Goa or Rishikesh in India, Ibiza in Spain, Kopanang, more specifically the sanctuary in Thailand. Lots of people there as a nexus. Yeah. Here in Ubud and then Hawaii. Byron Bay in Australia, Sedona in the States, as well. And there’s probably a whole heap more I don’t know but there seems to be these hot spots and these amazing people, and when I say amazing I just mean like inspiring and kind of like carrying these gifts of this freedom, of energy and these knowledge of how to support yourself around the world. Like this stuff’s really cool for life and they’re good people, fun to be around, inspirational and easy-going whatever.

And kind of what also comes with being this kind of conscious nomad is because we get to see all these different cultures, like in my experience anyway, it kind of levels you out with your judgments, and your idea of what you think is wrong and right and it just chills you right out. Because you can end up in a whole country, an entire country where everybody disagrees with you and what you think is wrong and right. And it’s just like hmm, maybe I’m wrong. And then you go to another country with a whole and other set of laws and culture and principles and practice and it’s like and so who is right now? Is it them over there? Is it them over there? Is it still me? Or is it none of us? Are we all just like on an equal playing field where you get to be whoever you want to be? And so yeah I think that these conscious travelers all carry these gifts of just easy-going with each other and non-judgmental and like if there was a racist person in the middle of the tribe in Ubud, they either wouldn’t last very long or they’d be converted to free love and pretty quickly because we’re all from different places here all getting along really well. So I see it as definitely like a current of this kind of modern spiritual, hippie, everlasting-love, kind of flow going around the planet. Yeah I think that’s pretty valuable.

Bram Any last thoughts you’d like to share with those who will be viewing this video?

Jester: I appreciate being here. I appreciate being able to share. I have always loved inspiring people and being inspired as I go around. And I hope that some of my words or all of my words have kind of touched the audience, touched you guys in one way or another. I hope I’ve answered some questions. I hope I’ve made some things a bit clearer. And I hope that I’ve opened some doors that were closed before because where I’m at, myself, in my life and like I said it’s all kind of been because of practice, because of learning, because of experience. Like none of this was given to me but to say that it is easier there or there is possibilities where you will be supported, where you will be safe, where it will be fun, where it will be uplifting, where there’s friends on every corner, like literally having friends on every corner. You’ll be amazed at how many synchronistic relationships you end up having and that your friends from your home are actually out and about, too that you didn’t even realize. They’re there and you’ll find them. Yeah so I hope that I’ve inspired some people to just trust moreover, trust more than anything and just go for it hey, go for it. Go for it.

Bram Thank you for that. It has been very inspiring and it’s been really great learning a little more about your story and your process and what motivates you to do what you do.

Jester: Thanks mate. I really appreciate that I’m here right now and I love what you’re doing. I really believe in your new website and I think it’s going to be very successful. Yeah it feels very exciting. Thank you.




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