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These video interviews are of people living very successful location-free lifestyles of various flavors. Most people will never attain a level of success with affiliate marketing or the like to support location free living like many sites would have you believe. However, there are a LOT of ways to craft a location free lifestyle, as is proven by the many paths represented here.

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Kat Dawes, promoter of the present moment, shares about her site, and how to keep awareness fun and sexy

Posted by on in Consciousness
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kat-dawes-tnProlific artist and dynamic promoter of the Powerful Present Moment, Kat Dawes, creator of NOWism, takes a stand on behalf of the NOW. Implementing an iconic, global Consciousness Campaign humorously highlighting the need for an upgrade in the Quality Control Department… of our thoughts.

Bringing the future into the present moment Kat reminds us that global transformation takes place through individuals. With sharp wit and rhythmic grace, she is a funky messenger on a profound and entertaining quest to Save the NOW!

Kat: My name is Kat Dawes. I’m the universal promoter of the Present Moment. My brand is called Nowism. My created mission in this life has been to promote the present moment and to encourage myself ultimately to consciously participate in my own evolution. And from that space, I’ve become like a distribution center of that divine message.

Bram: How long have you been doing this in its current or similar form?

Kat: I wanted to say now but I understand your question. It must be about five years. I’m thinking five years. Yeah, it was born from a painting that I was painting. It was like a contemporary sort of meditation man Buddha type, sitting in meditation. And it was very asexual. And as I finished this beautiful little drawing, I thought this person is practicing Nowism. That was when my stars aligned, angels sang, and I thought, yeah, it’s really great work.

Bram: What is the flow of your travel? Do you pretty much stay here (Bali) most of the time or are you traveling around the world?

Kat: Yeah. Wherever the wind blows. I have discovered that the idea of travel is anchored in expansion, and the more I travel, the more I expand my own awareness. I love being enriched by the interactions that happen abroad. I don’t have insecurity about that. I think there’s a culture in the west around travel that it takes a lot of preparation and a lot of decision. It’s like a serious thing to travel. And for me, I can decide to pick up and move overnight. It’s not really a drama. And I’ve discovered that home is where the Now is, and so from that space, yeah, there’s nothing quite as delicious as the adventure just now, going now. 

Bram: Tell us about some of the places you’ve been over the last few years.

Kat: Alright. Well, I do a lot of Asia. When I was younger, Japan and Thailand. My most recent adventures were Mexico and in America, Los Angeles. My richest experience was definitely in Africa where I hitchhiked from South Central Africa with no money and that was during my slightly more adventurous days. I really wanted to see the Law of Attraction in action so in the event of not having resources or any idea actually and putting—exposing myself—to a culture and environment that apparently doesn’t have much and I’m insanely positive. Can I summon instantaneous results and manifest my perfect outcomes? And the answer is yes because I’m here. (smiles) 

Bram: What are some of the things you find attractive about mobile lifestyle?

Kat: The newness, the nowness, the consistent unfolding in linear time and not being in one here where if we’re going to be unfolding in time and I think unfolding in space sort of makes sense to me as well. For me, it’s just so normal now that I guess, you know, this is the way it is. It’s intelligence. It’s just it.

Bram: Is the Nowism web site supporting you or are there other things you do as well?

Kat: No. Nowism is a fulltime job.

Bram: Fulltime job. Wonderful.

Kat: It’s fulltime play actually. A job is a funny description. It’s definitely my service to the world and it’s my joy. It’s really… What makes it unique I believe is the practice itself is anchored in a celebration. So taking the idea of discipline and sort of regurgitating as discipline, bringing some joy to the practice so that you feel as you’re deciding to consciously participae in your evolution and in your now that it’s not—you’re not sacrificing fun stuff. It’s more a service to yourself and there’s a delight in dancing in reality as opposed to I should, must, got to do these things right.

Bram: I’m sure everybody will be checking out your web site. But tell us a little about some of the different aspects of it. What are some of the things you do as it relates to Nowism?

Kat: Sure. The heart of the Nowism message is really it’s a universal reminder service. So anchored in humor which I believe humor is a shortcut to the now. I’ve found some really sweet quirky funky sexy ways to communicate ancient truth. So it’s essentially wisdom in a new package. One of the first quirky things that I created and a lot of people in this town and globally had the pleasure of uncovering is the Now voucher. And that was a little voucher that I created, business card-sized that basically just says “Now, use this Now now and get another Now free.” Genius. And so on the back there’s all fine print, you know, valid now, offer never ends, best deliberately. And so finding these sort of ways to communicate with the mainstream has been really my passion. There’s something unsexy to a lot of the mainstream people out there who are working jobs and have families and things to uphold the idea of going and fasting in a cave and meditating and doing these practices is really not such an amazing idea. But my thing with now is in this what if we could just be easy, what if we have direct access to the divine which we do. Is that not what every wise sage, teacher has said to us and shared with us. So these, the Now vouchers and learning the practice of, you know, if you’re at a stop sign in your car and you get to have a moment then let it be one where you deliberately infuse your now with some gratitude or vision about something or just being deliberate in the way that we are in the world. So the website is really—reveals very lightly the heart of what this practice is and invites you to join me on some coaching stuff. Behind-the-scenes we’re developing a online course which has been linked on and that is the how-to. Like what is it that you can do in your life to make you more now and to make you a better distribution center for your own gift, your talent, capacity. We all have this amazing thing inside of us and a lot of us are not living from that space. We’re working for the man. So it’s about inspiring people into their own greatness, their own goodness. And there’s also there’s other things that are simmering in the Nowism which is really where I play the hardest and that is developing a cartoon series. There’s various concepts being thrown around and negotiations taking place and all sorts of glorious things there. An app at a game, sort of you can participate in and combating their own momentarism which is the contamination of the present moment through your fear and doubt, lack, loss, worry and become a Now ninja. And what else is there? We’re simmering on a live stage show idea. There’s a branch of transformational entertainment that’s in its infant stages which is really it’s a lot of fun. And that is the true gift of Nowism is what’s unfolding.

Bram: Exactly. What are some of the most important skills or abilities that have enabled you to maintain this lifestyle and be so in the Now?

Kat: Trust. Trust is a muscle. To wake up in the morning and to know like to really know that I am waking up in a friendly universe and that everything is working together for my good. I’ve taught myself this. This isn’t just a muscle that you just have. It’s there. But it’s beaten out of us through misinformation and media-ocrity. So just to flex a best-case scenario muscle has been my passion, my love. Definitely the thing that makes my life look like a unfolding miracle. Consecutive events that just seem to line up. I look really lucky but I’ve trained my interiority to expect a certain outcome. So definitely trust, number one. Audacity, also another muscle. What if you couldn’t fail? What if you just turned up and you got a green light? And I’ve had these revelations and I’ve turned up in the most exquisite and obscure places with some people in very high spaces and put ideas on the table and just got yes-es the whole way. And then I go and see my own shit and then now they’re liking it. Keep up with what I’m becoming. So that’s audacity is certainly one of the things I think is an asset in my world. And just a general glow for not that you got to, you know, but that you get to. There’s a thing that we can do in our interiority where we’re just constantly looking for a way to celebrate and to extract a gift from the moment. It takes a little energy and people say out loud like “Why are you so happy all the time?” I worked really hard on being this wacky. It really is a muscle and yeah I’m still developing that. I’m not always chirpy and I have moments of contrast like everyone does but it’s learning that when life throws you something that doesn’t feel fun or bliss that you can extract something really useful out of that. So learning those skills has been, yeah, really monumental in me maintaining this lifestyle because as we said, the illusion of security that we live within the west is really interesting because we put all of our eggs in these baskets of insurance and all these things. And then you know, this is an amazing time in human history because what we’re seeing is these fundamental structures actually have a lot of holes in them, and as they start to fall down, this gift in chaos right, is that people start to look in like what’s really real, what have I actually got. And what you have got is the now. And so to anchor in the ever-expanding good, the truth of reality is really a divine practice and a really wise one I believe.

Bram: That’s great reminder.

Kat: Yeah.

Bram: What are some of the most exciting aspects of your lifestyle?

Kat: Most exciting aspects is oh just to be here now. Like I think we often forget that we’re individualized expressions of a cosmic good. And what does that even mean? What did I just say then? It’s so monumental like we’re consistently standing in this field of infinity and so to be an individualized expression of the divine cat doors in this lifetime, telling a story, unfolding in this miraculous concoction of goodness is really for me a buzz. And I have trained myself to stay in awe of it. So I’m really deeply entertained by really simple things because I know how to take mundane things and take them back to their cosmic origins. Like all mundane things have magic in them so as you start to peel back the layers of things you can literally be—ritually. Hmm I like the name ritually. To be like really intoxicated by the presence of really simple things. So I don’t remember your question now by the way but it was I’m sure I answered this.

Bram: Yeah the answer was great. Yeah it was what do you find exciting about your lifestyle?

Kat: Ah just everything in general and nothing in particular.

Bram: Okay. Well I almost hate to ask this next question but I know you can answer it without having to go down at all. But people often project oh what it would be like to take off and go live in an exotic place and make up my own job and my own web site. But what is the shadow side of that? What are some of the tedious things that one might deal with if they took off and tried to do what you’re doing?

Kat: Sure. There’s certainly a level of discipline, discipline. And yeah I’m always going to put a ridiculous positive-ism on everything simply because I can and I choose to. But yeah there is a level of self-worth, self-discipline. You have to be willing to take the apparent risk because you can fail but the failure is not a failure. That’s the thing. It’s like this is all Nowism practices about giving powerful meaning to things that generally mean bad things to most people. So learning how to transform like your a level of fierce focus that definitely is needed and a receptivity and availability. You have to be green and growing all the time. Willing to be wrong, willing to learn, willing to just keep going no matter what. And but for me there’s nothing else to do, so yeah the question is like it’s an interesting one. But there’s some obstacles that the world loves to put in front of you and the truth is is that you let them be there and so through a decision to dissolve the obstacles and to be in a dance with reality is really the way to push through those things. Like Abraham Hicks likes to say, “Isn’t your best meal eaten when you’re hungry?” So like the contrast is there. And as you maybe don’t succeed at certain things, it’s really preparing a level of contrast to create a much larger celebration that’s about to come.

Bram: This next question kind of follows on the heels of that. What advice would you give if any to yourself before you went off on this endeavor of Nowism? Looking back what advice would you give yourself?

Kat: I will tell myself that it’s all a big yes. The answer is yes. It’s already done. It’s already done and so my only task is to stay ready, to be at the right conditions so that I may rendezvous with grace, with all of the key people, places, things, the interactions to certain circumstances and situations that allow this sort of amazing, creative, brilliant thing to unfold with grace. I would tell myself to stay happy. Stay happy with the adventure of it and to remember that even when it looks like nothing is happening that the universal orchestration is always taking place and that things are shifting and being set on the path. And that if you will only just be in your now and stop and just work with what you’ve got, start where you are with what you’ve got, then things always work out, you know.

Bram: Looking out on the now from here and the people that you’re interacting with and the people that I’ve labeled conscious nomads, do you feel that what we’re doing and how we’re doing it has a greater implication for the world? Is there a piece being added by all of these people traveling around the world, interacting with each other, trying to be in the now, trying to be conscious that can have a positive impact on the world?

Kat: Absolutely. I believe that global transformation happens through individuals and that two people in the name of anything, when you get together and you start to interact and to celebrate and create on an energetic level something happens and you become another thing. It’s like even just here in now, I believe that we’ve become a completely different entity just through the individualized unique patterns that mix and become something else. And that’s the—isn’t that the most potent and amazing thing about the now that every now is sacred. Like this is an irrepeatable collection of universal intelligence is taking place right here, right now. So as we do that and as the conscious people are consistently like bumping into each other in time and space and colliding into such awesome ideas and celebrating and what’s happening is there is certainly a momentum and a celebration that is taking place that just it anchors the field into something more solid, more tangible and as we know the audience is ready. The world is ready. The emerging paradigm is being born through us and there’s a sweet hospice of the dying paradigm that’s taking place too now. I believe that the era of protest has really come to an end. We know why we should change. But it’s not about banging the drum about why we should do it. Let’s just do it because it’s a really great idea. And that’s what I love about the interactions that I’m having with some just such sweet amazing like-minded people that are—they’re everywhere really. And as you create the filter to see them and to connect with them, there’s certainly a very loud celebration taking place and it’s becoming more frequent. It’s beautiful.

Bram: Any last thoughts or wisdom, insights that you would like to impart to our community that will be watching this video?

Kat: Yeah there is. I’d like to remind you that your gift, your talent whatever it is that you’re—the thing that scares you the most probably, that thing inside of you doesn’t actually belong to you and it belongs to the world. And so that your job really is to bring it and so to become the right condition and to really to take the risk and to know that you can’t fail. Every path is leading there anyway so you might as well get your now out and start. And so we’ll fully support you. There is a really amazing magical community out there that is simmering in a similarity and we welcome you and invite you into your great and to being and so it is. Yeah, which is Nowism.

Kat Dawes:


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