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These video interviews are of people living very successful location-free lifestyles of various flavors. Most people will never attain a level of success with affiliate marketing or the like to support location free living like many sites would have you believe. However, there are a LOT of ways to craft a location free lifestyle, as is proven by the many paths represented here.

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Lenna Nakauchi interview on running a successful online business, hoop dancing as art, and more

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  • Print interviews Lenna Nakauchi about hoop dancing, running a successful online business, world travel, Burning Man, the location independent lifestyle, and much more.

Lenna: My name is Lenna Nakauchi. And this is my second year in Bali and what I’m focusing on this year is my performance arts, and that being hoop dance, fire dance, poi, little bit of belly dance and some other prop dancing or prop spinning. So I’m working on performing here in Ubud and throughout Bali and eventually creating a website and creating some demo videos and creating arts and being an artist. That’s what I’m focusing on this year is inspiring others with my art and I also manage and run a online business, and it’s called 3DayCleanse and it’s a whole body cleanse that is distributed throughout the United States and in Canada and we also ship all over the world. So I run that online business and I have an amazing life here in Ubud and I cultivate my performance arts right now.

Bram: I remember hearing that you took off from Ubud and went to Burning Man this year. Tell us a little bit about that experience.

Lenna: Burning Man was an amazing, life-changing experience for me. It was my first year and it was amazing because I was connected with a man who runs a camp called Heart Tribe and it was a perfect fit for the Ubud tribe vibe here. So a bunch of Ubudians joined that camp and it was a really nice vibrational match to the community. It was a community field. The feel was really high vibe. There was a nice community space where everyone would chat and and talk and give massages, body work, and energy work. And it was a really nice base to go out and explore all of the art and have amazing random conversations with people. And I did a lot of exploring on my own just checking out the art all over the playa and checking out the different camps and, yeah, talking with people from all over the world also at Burning Man for maybe the first time or maybe the 10th time.

Bram: And how was the contrast going from the lush tropics of Ubud to the playa?

Lenna: It was definitely a contrast. It was not humid. It was more of a dry heat and during the day I would say I was kind of used to being hot and sweating but at nighttime it got really cold. So that was a bit of a contrast. And it was funny because in terms of dressing up, I felt like I kind of wore what I usually wear, maybe just a little bit more sparkle but pretty much my normal clothes that was kind of funny for me. And riding a bike was really nice because I don’t really ride a bike here in Ubud. And it’s just having that freedom to wander around really slowly was wonderful and not having cars and dogs everywhere was wonderful.

Bram: Yeah that would be quite a big contrast. Riding a bike in Bali, you take your life in your hands. 

Lenna: Uh-huh, yeah.

Bram: So how long have you been doing the hoop dancing? Did you start before you came to Bali?

Lenna: Actually a really beautiful story is hoop dance brought me to Bali. I started hooping a little over two years ago in the winter in Chicago in my living room. And it was after going to a—I think it was a Full Moon Drum Circle in Chicago and I saw a girl hooping with an LED hoop. It’s a hoop with lights in it, really bright lights. They make patterns. They’re gorgeous. And I was looking for an art for myself and I thought I could do that, I used to dance in high school. I could probably do that. So I had it in my mind and then I went to a crop fair in Chicago and my boyfriend at the time bought me a hoop and I started learning online on YouTube and there was a website and you can learn online. And that was in November and then I started seeing these advertisements for a hoop retreat in Bali on YouTube. And there would be a tutorial with like a hoop trick and at the end it would be a plug for this retreat coming up in Bali called Sacred Circularities. And I started getting that message thinking it was directed towards me and that I could possibly go to Bali for a hoop retreat. And so the seed got planted in my head. And it just expanded from there and I asked my boyfriend at the time, “Do you think I should go to Bali by myself for a hoop retreat?” And it’s during my 30th birthday. It starts on my 30th birthday. And he said absolutely.

Bram: So you mentioned a little bit that you’re really wanting to move into performing and your art. Do you have a pretty clear picture of what that vision might look like that you can share with us?

Lenna: Yeah there are quite a few women out there and men doing what I want to do. And I kind of have a list of all of them and all their websites and I’m already inspired by their movements, how their hooping, what their hooping style is like and the videos that they put out on YouTube. And I’ve learned from a few of them actually in person because I’ve gone to a bunch of hooping retreats and workshops where they were teachers. So I’m kind of combining all of their fierceness into what I’m creating in my head and it is about creating these videos, tutorials even to inspire other dancers and hoopers like I mean if they go viral that would be wonderful then it would inspire other people. And it’s involving, creating amazing performance pieces that involve hooping with a single hoop, with the double hoops, multiple props without the hoop. And eventually I’d really like to get into retreats and teach at retreats and travel all around the world and yeah host retreats. At first I could be asked by other people to come in as a teacher for the retreat and then eventually host retreats because I think is what Bali is really inspiring me as. Like I would want my life’s work to be creating an experience for somebody. Instead of selling products which is what I’ve been doing for the past three years and it’s wonderful selling a life-changing product. But I think that I really want to create a life-changing experience for somebody where it’s in a retreat involving some therapeutic dance. Something like therapeutic movements, some hooping and like as a Shamanic art form and a Shamanic tool. And I don’t know, I’m sure this vision will be sharpened in that year to come but it’s all going to be for something bigger. I feel like this year, what feels really good though is to get some performing experience.

Bram: So you’ve been location-independent now for a while. You’ve been in Bali. You have gone back to the States and done some festivals and things like that. Do you think that those people that are living that lifestyle and interacting with people from all over the world, lots of diverse cultures and peoples and types, what do you think that is bringing to the world at large. Do you think there’s a piece there that is really helping to make the world a better place or is it just a way to distract ourselves as we’re traveling around the world?

Lenna: Yeah I know, absolutely. I think people are coming together and their visions are expanding at what they could do with their life and where they could live and when they see and interact with people, like you and I who are living this normal lifestyle here in Bali, they’re really inspired and it always amazes me how inspired they are and it becomes doable to them. Whereas before, they don’t even know what Bali is. I mean Bali, for instance, could be anywhere but whereas before, they can’t even imagine somebody, maybe somebody of their age, not really knowing what they’re going to do. They’re just interested in art, let’s say, or body work. They don’t like where they live but they don’t see themselves doing anything else. And then they meet somebody like us who’s like a nomad, flow-mad, I like to say. And it becomes this rocket of desire for them and they keep in touch with us on Facebook, through the magic of Facebook, and they see that we’re not lying. It’s really happening. And we’re actually helping them create their vision for their life. And it’s forcing them to think outside the box in terms of a life’s work. In terms of working for somebody else, now they’re kind of forced to come up with life’s worth for themselves that would enable them to live anywhere they want to around the world. So yeah I mean, I think that we’re really inspiring a lot of people to really get out there and start making things happen for themselves and I love it. I love telling people I live in Bali not to brag or anything but just to inspire and tell people to come visit here. And then I get invited to go visit other places that makes me see what’s possible. And I definitely think it’s making the world a bigger place, a better place because now not everybody is so into the idea of working for somebody else and just having a job. Like we need more people who have a life’s work as opposed to a job.

Bram: People who are defining their own passion rather than working for a company for 30 years like my father did. So it’s really wonderful to see, to do these interviews and to meet people in Bali and elsewhere that are basically living beyond borders, both physical and energetic, who are breaking down borders and living beyond the borders that were even created by ourselves. What advice would you give to somebody wanting to follow a similar path that you did?

Lenna: I would say start writing down what you’re good at and what you like to do. And start thinking of some possible work, or you know life’s worth that you can do. Something that you could create, that would offer people value. There’s a really good book out there called Sacred Commerce and it’s a good book to read. There is a four-hour work week book that I always recommend everyone to read just to kind of start getting you to think outside the box. And start making connections with people wherever you feel pulled to live. Save your money. Don’t spend it on things like clothes or going out to eat. Like if you need to save money, save as much as you possibly can because your money will go a lot farther outside the United States, especially somewhere like Southeast Asia. Your money will go out farther so save it. For me I was thinking $30 in Chicago, I would say that, I think that’s a good day in Bali. That’s hundred dollars, that’s like three days in Bali. I would rather save that money and live somewhere else. So being conscious of where your money is going, and your money is buying. And I mean definitely associating yourself with people who are travelers, that definitely helps too. So if you’re inside of this circle of friends who’ve never gone outside of United States, it may be time to start networking and making other friends. I mean go to a festival, go to a conscious festival and network with people there who have experience traveling. And that would definitely change that vibration of traveling and make it more feasible in your mind to do.

Bram: Great. Thank you. Any last thoughts that you would like to share with people watching this video? Anything from your heart, your philosophy.

Lenna: Right now what I’m getting is just focus on your dream and focus on your passion and do what you love and the money and the resources will flow. And for me, I mean what I’m doing is focusing on hooping and performing and I’m not even thinking about the compensation. I just really want to inspire and uplift and co-create and collaborate with other artists to create more art. And then that will combine forces with something else to create more art. So I mean obviously for me I’m in the very artsy mode phase after Burning Man. But I’m doing what feels right to me. And my advice is to do what feels right to you and thinking about your life’s work. And really look at the possibilities and really thinking about what you like to do as a child, for instance. For me I always liked to dance when I was little. Like what did you really love to do when you were young. You have a lot of time. So what we like to do when we were children is what we would really love to do now that we’re adults. And just forgot about it. And definitely spend time daydreaming and spend time writing and spend time really raising your vibration and it’s like whether it’s meditating or exercising more, eating higher vibe foods. I’m really into Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks. I definitely look at Abraham Hicks on YouTube and listen to what they have to say because it’s so uplifting, and if you’re in the right spot, you’re going to take that information and run with it. So Abraham Hicks or Dr. Michael Beckwith, any of these really inspiring people. Start feeding your mind and your spirit with this new—it’s kind of like New Age but it’s really pertinent information and it’s how a lot of people, like us, got to where we are is by surrounding ourselves with high-vibe information and taking that and running with it. That’s how we got here. So good luck to you and see you out here in Bali or Burning Man or some other festival. hooping channel:

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