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Team Blogs

obi100We've been receiving calls from friends, family and clients in the US (using our old USA 541 area code phone number) for free over the past 11 months while living in Bali. (We are using a Google Voice number, since that' the number we had used as our main nphone number for years, but any number that can forward will do)

We've also been making outbound calls anywhere in the world for .01 per minute.

The thing that allows all this freedom is the little box pctured above (we got the OBI 100 model), that can be bought on Amazon and elsewhere for about $38 USD. It's about half the size of an iPhone, and connects to the ethernet cable coming out of your router. The other end connects to the phone of your choice. Once it's configured to a service provider (usually about a 5 minute process) you are ready to begin making and receiving calls.

We chose as our Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) provider because they were well reviewed and I liked their features, but, there are literally dozens of choices. 

The OBi provides you with an abundance of control and enhanced convenience by combining a broadband Internet connection with VoIP . . . and if required, a land line connection to your local telephone company, your mobile telephone service provider or your broadband VoIP service. The OBi can use the web and social networking tools to bring everything and everybody together to speak freely . . . and even for free!

apogee-one-275This device may have an appeal to only a small percentage of you, but for those mobile musicians and DJs out there, this unit rocks!

The Apogee One for iPad and Mac is a portable audio interface with a built-in condenser mic.It can process two inputs in addition to the mic.

When we first left the US in January 2013, in addition to my EWI wind controller, Yamaha VL70m sound module and an assortment of cables and connectors, I had a high end Sony condenser mic and a MOTU Express audio interface. (yeah, I'm not one of those "only a carry-on" digital nomads)

I soon realized that the MOTU was overkill for travel, and that it wouldn't work with my iPad, which I am using more and more for music production when traveling, so when I was back in the US for a few weeks, I began to look for another solution.

pad-one2After much research, what I came up with is the Apogee One for iPad & Mac. (This model features special circuitry designed to deliver professional performance for iPad use as well as low latency USB 2.0 performance for Mac.)

This is the perfect solution for my electronic/acoustic recordings into Logic X, (as well as going into Auria 48 track on the iPad) and it is small and doesn't weight much at all. Apogee’s legendary premium AD/DA conversion was also a big plus.

This unit serves a lot of different purposes, but one of the most unique and useful is that it has a built in condenser mic that is amazingly good. I probably wouldn't record final mix lead vocals with it, but for scratch vocals and for doing some of the vocal effects tracks I do, it's great, and eliminates the need to travel with an expensive, delicate studio mic.

apotopThis one is a big FAIL! After working well for the first month or so, it now won't hold a charge and the wireless function won't work. Basically useless.

The Challenge: I'm on my way to Beloved Festival and I'm bringing my iPad so I can do video interviews if needed, but there's no wi-fi or electricity available to me, and I only have about 10 GB free on my iPad. Each video interview takes up about 4-6 GB, so that doesn't leave room for much.

Enter the Apotop (DW17) device, which was delivered a week or so before the event.

Using a flash drive I can upload videos wirelessly from my iPad, in my tent (or anywhere else), thereby freeing up space so I can do as many interviews as I like.

In addition, it will work as a wi-fi hub in hotel rooms or anywhere else there is a wired ethernet connection, and it also serves as an external battery pack if needed.

It's affordable (under $90) small, light, works as it should, and I am stoked!

  • Mobile Wireless Personal Cloud Storage and Wireless Router
  • Share and browse the contents of up to 3 Android and/or Apple iOS Devices via SD Card and USB Flash Drive
  • Works with Android Tablets/Phones and with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Download the Free Wi-Reader App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Easily create a Wi-Fi hotspot from a Wired Internet Connection
  • Built-In rechargeable 7 Hour battery, Charge via USB Port
  • Use as a Power bank to Charge USB Devices

They also have a new version (Apotop DW21) that also connects via USB to hard drives, etc.

Full listing & reviews on Amazon  

blue-bar-135x10Conscious: Introspective and curious to explore our fundamental nature, essence and purpose

Nomads: Embracing location independence as a lifestyle

own this site

What is This? is a resource for anyone who is attracted to the location independent lifestyle. From Music Festival goers to world travelers, if you want to expand your circle of friends; knowledge of places, people and things; and increase the potential for income you can earn from anywhere in the world, then this is a stellar resource for you.

What is the Matrix? 

As I've traveled to transformational music festivals (transitory towns), and to pockets of consciousness around the world, I've noticed that many of the people I am interacting with have a noticeably different quality about them.  

As I observed this over time, as people came and went, an understanding crystalized for me that we Conscious Nomads are creating a new virtual territory (an energetic field, a collective, a matrix, a hologram) that extends beyond nation-state borders and historically accepted boundaries, and encompasses the entire planet.