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These video interviews are of people living very successful location-free lifestyles of various flavors. Most people will never attain a level of success with affiliate marketing or the like to support location free living like many sites would have you believe. However, there are a LOT of ways to craft a location free lifestyle, as is proven by the many paths represented here.

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Blog posts tagged in Expanded Consciousness

kat-dawes-tnProlific artist and dynamic promoter of the Powerful Present Moment, Kat Dawes, creator of NOWism, takes a stand on behalf of the NOW. Implementing an iconic, global Consciousness Campaign humorously highlighting the need for an upgrade in the Quality Control Department… of our thoughts.

Bringing the future into the present moment Kat reminds us that global transformation takes place through individuals. With sharp wit and rhythmic grace, she is a funky messenger on a profound and entertaining quest to Save the NOW!

Kat: My name is Kat Dawes. I’m the universal promoter of the Present Moment. My brand is called Nowism. My created mission in this life has been to promote the present moment and to encourage myself ultimately to consciously participate in my own evolution. And from that space, I’ve become like a distribution center of that divine message.

Bram: How long have you been doing this in its current or similar form?

Kat: I wanted to say now but I understand your question. It must be about five years. I’m thinking five years. Yeah, it was born from a painting that I was painting. It was like a contemporary sort of meditation man Buddha type, sitting in meditation. And it was very asexual. And as I finished this beautiful little drawing, I thought this person is practicing Nowism. That was when my stars aligned, angels sang, and I thought, yeah, it’s really great work.

Bram: What is the flow of your travel? Do you pretty much stay here (Bali) most of the time or are you traveling around the world?

Kat: Yeah. Wherever the wind blows. I have discovered that the idea of travel is anchored in expansion, and the more I travel, the more I expand my own awareness. I love being enriched by the interactions that happen abroad. I don’t have insecurity about that. I think there’s a culture in the west around travel that it takes a lot of preparation and a lot of decision. It’s like a serious thing to travel. And for me, I can decide to pick up and move overnight. It’s not really a drama. And I’ve discovered that home is where the Now is, and so from that space, yeah, there’s nothing quite as delicious as the adventure just now, going now. 

Bram: Tell us about some of the places you’ve been over the last few years.

sol-sebastian-tn-300My name is Sol Sebastian. I’m the founder of a program called The Alchemy of Man which is a man’s work and it covers a wide range of things but especially in relation to hormonal health, sexual health, relational health and just being a man, being a dude in this world trying to live at his best. And my work takes me to very many parts of the world and I travel and have traveled for quite extensively for the past, well since the mid-90s.

But especially the past decade or so I’ve been quite traveling a lot and since meeting my partner, my partner in crime and my wife, Saida Desilets who does work with women, we’ve been sort of on the road for many years and really consider the world our own that it’s hard to sort of pinpoint one particular place that is home for us. So the idea of conscious nomads is something quite close to my heart as well as my wife’s heart because we are quite nomadic in the true sense of the word. And yes so I have to love to share all that. 

Bram: Can you give us an idea of what your travel’s been like over the last several months or longer? Where have you been? What you have been doing?

Sol: Last several months we’ve been in Bali which is where we back to here. But in the past few months we’ve been in South Africa in the middle of the some of the most game-rich, some of the most predator-rich game reserves in Africa. Hanging out with lions and hyenas and elephants like very, very close, you know, this same distance from you to the camera in fact, and been really loving that. That was amazing experience. We’ve also been in Amsterdam where we spent two months putting together some online content.

Part of our work has an online component so we spent quite some time in Amsterdam where the Internet was good. We managed to put together quite an extensive program. We’ve been… Mostly throughout been a little bit more settled this year in terms of what we used to. We used to travel very rapidly. My partner has been in many more places this season. She’s been in Australia, in Canada and the Europe. I mean it’s a little hard to track actually where we have been this year. But I think the highlight for us was South Africa for sure. That was one place who really stood out for us this year.

Bram: Did you become mobile is a necessity for this business or this type of business or regarding your business around being mobile?

Sol: The business was planned around being mobile because we’re both [0:03:17.0 inaudible] at heart. And we always love to travel and it’s something I think I really love about being with my partner because we both have this passion to be mobile to see as much, to really eat in as much of this world as we can. And we have no children. We’re sort of pretty footloose and fancy free in that aspect and so we’ve really made the most of that. And we have an appetite, let’s say, we have a very big appetite to see as much on this planet extremely possible.

Bram: And what are some of the things you find attractive about this kind of lifestyle?

mikael-vidtnMikael King talks to us about his travels to Bali, Peru, Bolivia (Including some extraterrestrial encounters at Lake Titicaca), expanded consciousness, Mu energy, the hologram, breath work, and much more. We appologize for some minor issues with the video. It looks like autofocus was causing some small blips occasionally... I choose to think of it as adjustments to the hologram.

Mikael: Aloha! My name is Mikael King and I am a conscious nomad. I love it. I love the whole concept. I run a’s my global ministry called and I also offer, especially in the last—it’s been about ten years now—a transformation effort called BreathLIGHT Bliss. I also lead all kinds of different ceremonies, retreats, seminars, and trainings through both and as well as I’m a documentary filmmaker. I just released a film called New Earth Destiny about the Russian Eco-Village Movement, Anastasia movement, that’s happening all across Russia as well as all around the world at this point. And I also just recently started a new company in which I am co—creating new Mu Star jewelry. So it’s called Mu Star Designs and that’s happening here in Ubud, Bali. 

Bram: Alright! Can you give us an idea of what the flow of your travel is like maybe over the last few years now?

bee-artAt this critical time on the planet there are lots of necessary, even vital, roles conscious people are playing. Earlier today I was reading one of Jim Channon's Facebook threads that was talking about how important it is for people to get an acre of land and begin tending a vegetable garden as a way to insure our survival. (what with Fukushima, GMOs and countless other disasters impacting our health and food supplies.)

I think this is really important work, and for a moment or two I was beginning to feel a little 'less than' seeing as how I'm living a mobile life style (currently) in Bali and don't have a plot of land in which to invest my time and energy. There are more and more organic farmers here all the time, but I'm not self-sufficient in this regard.

I've been here in the magical vortex of Ubud on and off for 10 months interacting with nomads and expats from all over the world… doing yoga, ecstatic dance, singing Kirtan, joining breath work sessions, seeing Balinese and Western healers and celebrating with other peeps at community gatherings and parties. Sure, it is BIG FUN, and personally fulfilling, but is it serving a significant useful purpose to the planet at large?

forest-location-independent-tnForest: Hi, my name is Forest Schrodt and I have a company called Liquid Fire Mantra, a ritual firedance performance group and visionary jewelry company. I’ve been doing the nomadic lifestyle since 1996 and I guess that’s sixteen years or eighteen years, something like that. I’ve been doing the gypsy and nomadic lifestyle for a very long time, travelling up and down primarily the West Coast United States going to music festivals, vending my designs that I have produced in Bali, and also doing performance art. And I’ve been on this alternative path for quite some time, and it’s been great to explore and see a lot of places and meet a lot of interesting people and a lot of creative inspiration constantly coming through.

The trade-off is the challenge of finding a healthy biorhythm with not necessarily having like a home for a long period of time where you can kind of drop in with the community and have like build on a rhythmical cycle. But it has a larger biorhythm of this cycle, yearly cycle of going to one place to the next and having communities there that have been developed for many years. So there’s always this kind of like balancing of more traditional way of living and living in one area and having a house, having a biorhythm, getting up at the same time, going to sleep at the same time generally as opposed to having the freedom in the nomadic lifestyle of not having to pay large amounts of money on rent, but also not having a necessarily this defined biorhythm which, for me, as I’ve gone older is probably the biggest challenge of maintaining a nomadic lifestyle.

Bram: Tell us about some of your favorite places or events to which you’ve traveled.

This post from Ryan Wren Barret showed up in my Facebook feed after Symbiosis Festival and speaks to why I feel music festival goers often have a similar mindset as world travelers. When you are dropped into an environment that is foreign to your everyday life, it asks you to be present in ways that can expand your awareness into the matrix where the possibility for connection and magic is more available.

By: Ryan Wren Barret

symbiosis-250Symbiosis Gathering: My last Festival with a capital F for 2013. Going in, I was completely DONE with festivals. I was starting to feel a little jaded even. I didn’t go to Burning Man this year: I had stuff to do. Between a consistent run of workshops – both at bigger events and self-organized – and a beautiful and demanding personal life, 2013 has been packed. I was feeling like another gathering full of all the usual necessaries of staying up late, using my body hard and exhausting my brain with constantly meeting tons of amazing new people was going to be something akin to Custar’s last stand. 

And then I got sick. We arrived fairly smoothly on Wednesday afternoon with our Damanhur ambassador, Quaglia, after a Tuesday dominated by the worst migraine I’d ever had and something that looked like food poisoning for a horrifying 5 minutes. Stomach quelled and head on straight, the drive was an enlightening 2 hours of Damanhurian discourse that catapulted my desire to travel to Italy and be in the Temples of Humanity from an 8 to an 11. 

hal-digital-nomadHal: My name is Hal Lucius Nation. And I am the Grand Hierophant and Chief Officiant of the Temple of Awakening Divinity. The Temple of Awakening Divinity is a syncretic, entheogenic church that travels around to various locations throughout the United States to offer a Eucharistic celebration of entheogenic spirituality.

Bram: Sounds great. Give us an idea of what the flow of your travel is like.

Hal: Well, I do quite a bit of driving and a little bit of flying to remote locations throughout the United States. I travel pretty frequently, at least once a month, visiting major population centers around the United States. I also go out to numerous festival locations where I participate in community and host celebrations and circles.

Bram: And how long have you been doing this in its current or in a similar form?

Hal: The Temple of Awakening Divinity was founded in December of 2007 and really started working on the road in September of 2008 after really beginning our first series of circles at the Burning Man Festival in 2008. And we visited the Burning Man Festival on several occasions, number of other festivals around the West Coast of the United States. And currently, I am continuing to travel throughout the United States on a monthly basis.

Bram: What are some of the things you'd find attractive about the mobile lifestyle?

A New Territory Is Emerging...

It extends beyond the borders of all nation-states, far beyond the historical boundaries previously drawn and protected.


The edges of this new territory are expanding exponentially in all directions, both within and without.

It is a virtual territory formed and inhabited by conscious individuals who are becoming location independent and free from the limitations of place... and we have labeled it the Conscious Nomads Matrix.

The Conscious Nomads Matrix is the all-encompassing unified energetic field created by all of us who are consciously connecting, creating, collaborating, sharing, loving, and envisioning a new way of being, while traveling the world or otherwise living from a location independent awareness.


blue-bar-135x10Conscious: Introspective and curious to explore our fundamental nature, essence and purpose

Nomads: Embracing location independence as a lifestyle

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What is the Matrix? 

As I've traveled to transformational music festivals (transitory towns), and to pockets of consciousness around the world, I've noticed that many of the people I am interacting with have a noticeably different quality about them.  

As I observed this over time, as people came and went, an understanding crystalized for me that we Conscious Nomads are creating a new virtual territory (an energetic field, a collective, a matrix, a hologram) that extends beyond nation-state borders and historically accepted boundaries, and encompasses the entire planet.